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Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Photo

Our Family Photo taken @ a rented Studio ..
The photographer for below shot is Uncle JH

Thank you for capturing our happy moments

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

The Pretty 'H's

I, as their Mummy..
Proud of the pretty lil Hs..
Big H aka Hayley who is going to turn 4
Lil H aka Hebe who is turning 1 next month.

I wished to bring this moment or below 'photo' saved into my 'pea-brain' memory! So sweet.

Love the pretty pinky Duos!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Parents' Day in School

Hello everyone...

Finally some back date posting on my well-being.

My dearest mummy has been busy working ..

Otherwise, addicted to her baking hobby during her little free time she has these day, to de-stress.

Ok today posting is about the Parents' Day which is held in my kindergarten around end May (the week before the school holidays started). My parents are invited to my school to see my work being showcased and have a brief talk with my teachers on my performance. Lil Hebe tagged along too. Luckily she did not fuss much.

Oh that day, we have a potluck lunch and my Mummy baked some cuppies for school.

I'm given a glass to decorate it to use as a pencil holder or vase

Hard at work.. focus to make it very pretty..

My artwork done during my class, Term 1

The birthday dates of all my classmates..

~ Love from Hayley ~

Monday, June 28, 2010

I love my sis, Hebe

Just a random photo taken last month..

I brought my mei mei to downstairs for a stroll.

See, I do love her a lot and dote on her dearly.

She is getting more and more responsive to me.. will laugh along with me when I burst out laughing or singing.

I will also protect her.. by keeping my eyes on her whenever Mummy instructed me as she needs to leave the room to prepare milk for her. She is very mobile now as she can crawl very fast within seconds..

~ Love from Hayley ~

My 2nd Trip to Universal Studio

Anyone out there??

Guess it has been a long long while since my last update. My Mummy has been kept busy with her work and taking care of our needs, hence no time to be near PC to post our pretty pics and updates.

This is a long backdated post.

An outing with my buddy & her family to Universal Studio on 17th April. The week just before I'm down with chicken pox. That time round, my daddy has managed to get the tickets at a great price from his company. We've extra tickets and glad that Vernice & family are free to join us that day. It been quite a long while since my last meet up with her. Both of us have grown a lot too.

Here sharing our HAPPY Photos and some are taken with courtesy from Uncle Timothy.

a pic of the Shrek castle.. in far far away land..

There!! Posing with my buddy, Vernice!

Hello there!

the lil Donkeys

Waiting in turn for our merry go round ride

Mommies & their precious princesses

lil ones jumping in joy & enjoying themselves happily

Giving a tired pose after a long day of hot outing

Posing outside the 'Jungle'

Our happy Photo outside the studio

Finally our last photo to end this post - our happy group photo!!!

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Mommy Day aka Mama Day

Good news!!!
I've finally recovered from chicken pox since last week.

Just to be safe, Mummy asked Mama to bring me see Dr Lee last Monday morn before I resume my school. of course, Doc has given me green light to go ahead.. now hoping my 'scarring' will soon disappear. I've quite a no of outbreak all over my body.

Only about 3 days ago in school, Mama learnt that actually I kena chicken pox from my best friend aka my classmate. Her father actually got the chicken pox virus and passed on the virus to her daughter. Ive been playing very closely with her, hence in turn got the virus. Funny thing is that her mom is too careless to notice it on her daughter. After I got infected, my friend still goes to school for another few more days in following week after my Mummy called and informed my school.

While I was having my chicken pox outbreak, my parents have a hard time taking care of me and to ensure Hebe stayed far from me as she is still too young to catch this virus. Every night, my parents will take turn to visit Hebe, and one of them will rush back to take care of me so that Mama can rest and have her dinner with Gong Gong. Very rush and tiring routine esp for Mummy who been working late over the past 2 week due to increased workload.

Sharing below outing that I can finally go out, to celebrate Mama's day and Mummy's day with them at Sembawang Shopping center. Below is a simple dinner celebration we had that day!

~ Love from Hayley ~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chicken Pox!!!

Bad News to ANNOUNCE!!!!

One Spot started to appear above my lip on Wed evening...

Another 2 spots appear on my back on Fri evening..

Yesterday morning, a small spots appear on my back again

This time, Mummy had a good look and realised it resembles "chicken pox" as she had it when she was in Primary Five last time.

Quickly, we together with Lil Hebe, headed to our clinic downstairs .. and Doc has confirmed what Mummy's fear. Unfortunately, Daddy yet to have chicken pox and he does not have vaccine on that too. Worse still, lil Hebe just recovered from a bad cough finally!! & she is still too young and hopefully she won't catch my virus!!!! Otherwise, our main caregiver(s) including my parents will have double the bad time taking care of the sickly ones.

Quickly, they packed my stuff and arranged for me to shift to Mama's place to stay. I'm given one week MC to stay & confined at home. Next week, going for a review again to check my recovery. However, Mummy suspected that I need at least 2 week rest before I fully recovered.

However by today, I keep asking Mama to bring me home.. so early in the morning, they brought me home. Luckily Hebe woke up early and already cleaned up when I home... so we brought her to Ah Ma's place, hopefully my virus won't get to pass it to her. Poor Daddy!! He is not so lucky to stay away from me.. coz I keep pester him to play with me. Mummy is praying hard that Daddy & Lil Hebe are going to stay alright!!

~ Love and Hugs from Mummy to Darling Hayley ~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mama's Birthday Celebration

Here is 2nd part to our previous posting...

After our hearty dinner, we went to Bishan and Jiu Jiu bought a cake to celebrate Mama's birthday at our home. Here our happy pics sharing with you all.

Mama's birthday falls on 11 April which is also my godbrother, Jerral's birthday.

Happy Family Pose and this is Hebe's first time celebrating for Mama's.

Our happy family pose

Clapping and singing song for Mama!!

Blowing candle for her..

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My 1st Outing to Science Centre

Hello friends...
Been a long time since my last posting..
Mummy been very busy at work and night time busy attending to our needs. Basically, she lacked of time and it seems to run too fast for her. How she wished time freezes whenever she is with us. Does your working mommy also faced the same problem as mine?

Back to our posting on this topic.
10 April, Daddy and Mummy brought Hebe and I to visit Science Ctr. Mummy has been racking her brain .. searching for a fun & indoor (must have air-con) to bring us. An idea finally dawned on her. That is Science Center and been ages since her last visit. Hebe is slowly recovering from her cough and we better do not wish to expose her to hot & wet weather we've been facing lately.

Anyway, the entrance fee to the center is affordable!! Definitely worth every cents during our visit. Will recommend this fun place to our friends! Science Center has changed a lot since my parents' last visit. It has many fun spots for me to explore and I love the main attraction -the Big Fun Water Play. There is even shower facilities for kids and adults. We really spent many hours exploring the fun. Even lil Hebe enjoyed her stay there. Shall we consider signing up for annual membership? But Daddy found the distance is slightly far from our home. Hee.

Ok time to share our Happy Photos again!!!

Posing with the BIG DINO @ Science Center
Silly me scared of this fake dino... BOO BOO!!

Mummy's turn to pose with me!

The 3 Pretty trio Posing with Toy story 'banner'

My turn to pose solely with Toy Story Character...

& then posing here and there.... So FUN & Cheeky!

Look at me!! Just my head on a fruit plate???

Having a go doing the artwork myself and which I enjoyed a lot.

Mummy posing with Happy Hebe

Time for waterplay..
this is what I've looking forwards in this trip!

Having so much FUN!!!

We left the place around 5pm and heads towards Mama place to pick them (Mama, Gong Gong and Jiu Jiu), for having dinner together at a zhi cha stall at AMK, to treat & celebrate Mama's birthday!

Finally Home sweet Home after a exciting and fun day!!
* PSSSHHH .. Hebe's eyes still big and wide awake in this pose!

~ Love from Happy Tan Family ~

Friday, April 9, 2010

Celebrating my cousins ' Birthday

Here a pic posing the birthday duos on last Friday..

I was posing with Cousin Weihua, Cousin Xiuling (the birthday duos) and Cousin Zach.

~ Hugs from Hayley ~

My 1st Kite Flying Experience

Last Friday..
it is a public holidays and it a GOOD Friday!

My 1st Aunt & family invited us over to her place to celebrate my cousins' birthday.
Since we will be at Sengkang.. an idea struck Daddy's.

Before arriving my aunt's place, Daddy brought us to buy some kites..

to let me have a try in flying kite...HIGH up in the SKY!!

It is so fun and my kite, Doreamo, really did fly very high in the sky too.

Sharing our fun and happy pics!

Look at me!! Getting very excited as Daddy trying to fly my kite

Happy Daddy with my 2nd aunt and cousin Zach in the background

Ah Ma is teaching me to hold my kite..

& poor Hebe who looks bored & warm, sitting in the stroller as she is too young to fly the kite

Alright a cheesy pose with my Mummy!

Look!!! That is my KITE that is flying high up in the sky!!!

Staring in amazement at my kite that is soaring high

Posing with my Daddy dearest.. thank you for showing me the joy of flying KITE!!
Next time again please..

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~