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Friday, May 1, 2009

My Pooh Bear & Friends Decal Deco

Happy Labour Day!
(1st May ' 09)

.. but my parents still doing labour on this day.
Daddy off for birthday party shooting for one of his customers around noon
& Mummy is busy clearing some stuff in my room, with Daddy's help, they finally managed to finish putting up, Pooh Bear & friends decal stickers, onto the wall of my room.

At first, they thought it is quite an easy task. In fact, the task is quite diffcult to do the adjustment & especially peeling the huge sticker part. Definitely need 2 persons to do the pasting together.

At least, Mummy managed to get Mama to bbsit me for few hours while she off to have a hair trim. When they fetched me home, I am so happy to find my pretty room!

Proudly showcase pics of my pretty deco in my room.

there my happy look!!! ^_^

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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