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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Introducing lil Junior H

Yeap! It is official announcement!
I'm going to have a lil playmate by end OCT this year.. Horray!

My Mummy is now about 15 week preggy... so past by the mark of 1st trimester, can share the good news with every reader of my blog. However, Mummy is experiencing worse sickness this time round.

During her 1st trimester, she keep getting sick and having bad evening sickness (bad headaches, loss of appetite) which starts from 5pm onwards till the whole night.

We thought after her 1st trimester, her evening sickness will disappear. Who knows it even starts to appear on certain mornings. 2 days ago, Mummy puked once at home in the morn before leaving for work. During her long train ride, she also start feeling giddy and puked once she reach her stop. It is such a terrible feeling for her. Hope she will be truly better soon!

Pics of my lil playmate taken during Mummy's checkup

My parents have no preference for any gender.. so long the lil one is developing healthy. Mummy also hoping the lil one can endure and arrive till nearly full term. I of course very happy to know that I going to be a JIE JIE, can't wait to see arrival of my baby sibling to play with me. I promised my parents to help to take care of baby.

We've also have thought of the name for the lil Junior H.
Since my name start with 'H', my sibling shall follow mine.

if it is a girl, she will be named Hebe
if it is a boy, he will be named Hayden (same name as Aunty Chyun's son)

Meaning of our names :
Hayley : Meadow of hay (origin English)
Hayden : From the hays down (origin English)
Hebe : Young (greek), Daddy also inspired by this name by another pop asian singer again

~ Love from Happy Tan Family ~


Jerral's Haven said...

yipee Mommy!! Congrats!! finally the long awaited news has been declared!! heehee

Hope we r able to stay thru' till end Oct and at least catch a glimpse of your little one.

muacks muacks
San n Lil' Jerral...

jellies said...

hey congrats!!!! i LOVE the name HEBE... is the pop asian singer u mentioned SHE? i kinda forgotten their names...
don't worry your morning sickness will be gone soon. :)
and your baby will grow healthily and stay still full term!!

My name is Ting Xuan said...

Congrats. Hayley will be Jie Jie soon. hope yr MS will gone. Take care.

Shannon's Mummy said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats dearies! Please take care! :) xo
Aunty Shef & Kirsten Jiejie

Hello! My name is Hayley Tan. said...

Dear all,
thanks for your congrats and wishing! :)

Luv fm Tan Family

oUr sWeeT nOv said...

hey ..congrats... waiting for lil "H" to arrive....yippy... :)