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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My 1st Visit to Jurong Bird Park

Last Sunday, Daddy & Mummy brought me to visit Jurong Bird Park! It is my ever FIRST visit!!!

Sharing my happy poses taken during our long mrt train ride.. I'm so cheeky and cheerful, looks fwd to see many different types of BIRDY..

We went to Bird Park together with Daddy's colleagues & Aunty Jerynn. Daddy & others' main purpose is to go there to take nice pictures of the birds & exchanging photo taking tips. Mummy and my purpose is to enjoy ourselves during this trip.

But weather is not being kind to us.. as that day, it was a gloomy, wet and rainy day. Keep on raining non stop throughout the whole afternoon.

** We also like struck near the extrance for like 1 hour as it starts to rain once we enter the park.

Sharing our happy pics just before we are struck near the entrance shortly ..

After my lunch & jumping, exploring & I finally nap around 2pm. Maybe the weather is too nice and cooling... OR maybe I know it is a wet weather, I rather nap than seeing the birds as after seeing a bird, all look the same to me. I only recognised OWLs & Penguins.

I can really nap till 5pm, about the time the adults want to leave the park. Perfect Timing! I managed to watch the Penguins before we left the park.

Sharing below the lovely photos of the Birdsssss that Daddy has took!

Now sharing some pics of my happy Daddy and Mummy!
* and of course I'm still happy napping away


THE VERDICT : Uhh.. we still prefer ZOO more than Bird Park, it has also got some birds and more variety of animals & water play. Hee ^_^

~ Love From Happy Tan Family ~

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Chyun Tok Finne said...

very nice birdy photos your pappa took..