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Monday, March 9, 2009

28 Feb - Korean Dinner

Hello everyone!
Does anyone miss us? We are unable to blog as Daddy took the lap top with him for work and our main PC is still spoilt. Daddy is Finally home yesterday from a week work trip at Melbourne. We are so happy to welcome him back when we fetched him at airport.

Sharing below pics which are rather back dated posted, taken before Daddy flied off the next morn. My parents enjoying their korean dinner at Ngee Ann Building after my sat classes. I was also napping away while they enjoy the 'feast'. Hee.. I woke up shortly when they about to finish the dessert. Good timing!

Happy Daddy seated..
and we are given the VIP room that day though there are 3 of us
So nice!!! I can napped happily in a corner too

Haaa a pic of my happy parents enjoying their dinner without my fuss!

~ Love from Happy Tan Family ~

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