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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Gardening Project!

Today, we've an mission completed ... our Gardening Project!
Inspired by our neighbors who are growing seedlings like cai xin, lady fingers... I often gawk in awe whenever the friendly aunty doing the gardening.

Many thanks to Godma Flo who came by, passed us some of her beloved seedlings/plants for us to kick off our gardening project. Mummy also prepared some lunch special for us.

* Lunch Special - Swedish Pork Ball*
Preparation :
Marinate minced pork with sesame oil, cornflour, some dk soya sauce + some finely chopped garlic & onions, keep aside for at least ten min

Preparation (2) :
Scoop some meat and roll into small balls, roll over a plate of mixed flour (cornflour & plain flour) before pan frying these.

Cooking :
Heat the pan by adding butter, add the meat balls and pan fry slowly over a medium to low fire, to ensure meat fully cooked. Served it hot with some shedded cheese on top.

Godma Flo & Mummy's lunch
(They are having the same dishes as me but with an added special sauce over their rice)
* Mummy also made some chinese desert with Dried Beancurd Skin & receipe can be found here.

Posing happily with Mummy while she having her lunch!

Our Finished Project!
~ Chili plant seedling, 富贵花, Mints & other plants which we not yet aware of their names ~ (Mummy also sowed some tomato seeds into a pot of soil, hope the seedlings will grow soon)

Godma Flo aka the Gardener

A snapshot By Godma Flo - Iwas caught posing with all my artworks

The adults' special dinner - Yummy!!

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~


Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

Hello Hayley & Mummy Irene...
just to let u know that i enjoyed spending the day with you both today :) It's a happy Friday! *many hugz*

Jerral's Haven said...

aiya mummy!! i want to eat ur food too!! i LOVE MEAT BALL N BAKE BEANS..!!!! u r such a creative mommy!! btw if i only have corn flour and no plain flour for frying..will it do? can i just use corn flour? and can jerral eat baked beans liao? hope he love it as much as i do.

me hope to do some planting as well..using small pots like urs..but me totatlly clueless about it..can give more tips on how to take care of them..especially like when to move them from small pot to big pot and what soil or any useful tips? heehee tks

Jerral's Haven said...

btw god ma flo.. can teach mummy how to cook the yummy cereal prawn as well!! looks like u 3 gals are having tons of fun!!!!!!

Hello! My name is Hayley Tan. said...

Hello Godma San,
Next time u back to sgp, Mummy will definitely cook her special dish for you all to try.

U can just use corn flour to roll the meat balls before pan frying. Do let us know your experience after your attempt.

As for gardening, you can just buy a pkt of normal soil will do. Just be careful not to hurt the tiny roots when you transfer them from small pot to big pot. Hope it helps. U can buy some strawberry plants to grow in your garden, no need pots. Better start soon.. n summer u can collect the fruits. ^_^

Love from Hayley