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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blooming Pink Flower !!

This morning, we've a lovely surprise awaits for us when we went outside our house to water our new plants. One of the plants starts flowering, a Blooming Flower in sight ... we are so happy to see the pretty lil one. Hope to see more of the flowers coming soon. ^_^

Mummy taught me to say "Hello" to greet the Plants" each morn when we water them. I must learn to cultivate T.L.C (Tender, Loving, Care) during the process of learning to look after our plants. I even help my mummy to sprinkle the water over their pretty leaves... we are also hoping our chili seedlings will learn to grow stronger and bigger each day as they seem very fragil and tiny.

After our gardening activity, we went to Mama's place for her to bbsit me while Mummy rushing off to meet Godma Flo at Suntec to run some errands. This is their lunch @ Waruka, Marina Square. Mummy loves their yummy ramens and soup & sushi. Below pics are what they've ordered for their lunch. * Slurp Slurp *

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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