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Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali Holidays

After my morn milk feed today...
Daddy brought me to our nearest playground for my morn exercise and bubbles game. He got me a new toy, the bubble machine 'gun' at Taka yesterday but this toy turns out messy as the liquid keep dripping all over it after a short play. I was getting bored and then we headed to my ah ma's place for a visit before we proceed for breakfast.

My happy pics below taken at the playground this morn..

the lil girl wandered off to the exercise ground by herself..

Voila! the happy sweaty girl on the loose! lalalala!

& mummy tied my hairs into 2 cute ponytails!

another happy pose!

Posing happily with Daddy dearest!

One last pose with Daddy as I attempting to sneak away from his hug

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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