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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 7 at JG, Term 4 | Kitty Fair at Taka

Mummy's loots at Hello Kitty Fair, Taka!
Her finds are more than that.. we even spotted a nice lavandar color bathrobe in last pc, sz S, $29.90. I showed Daddy and he stacked it the time her basket reached the counter, her items are getting lesser and lesser. I was running amok in the fair, enjoying my shopping for good kitty stuffs too.

My Daddy is finally back from his work trip on last Wed night! I'm so pleased to see him the next day morning when I awoke. I been sticking close to him since his return as though I already sensed that he is going away to Rockhampton soon on 3rd Nov again till 14th Nov.

Today, my Daddy also joined us & he is with me during my class while poor Mummy waited for me outside the classroom. She only get to join in during my snacktime and music time. I learnt 'Mouse' & letter M during class today. I did an artwork today and Mummy is clueless too as it is kept by my teachers & return to us after the end of the term. After my milk feed, I dozed off happily while my parents enjoyed their Pepper Lunch at Isetan Scotts. I awoke after an hour nap.. happily shopping around in the children dept esp Hello Kitty section. Mummy suddenly remembered that there is a Hello Kitty fair at Taka. So off we went together for Kitty hunting!

Besides, I turn 23rd month old today... next month I'll be hitting my big '2' yrs old. My parents are totally clueless on the preparation for my upcoming celebration. This time round, it may be just small scale party inviting our close friends and relatives. Mummy hopes to invite some of my toddler friends over to join in the fun. With such little time, she is not sure if she is up for the planning as she hopes to put her heart to bake or doing something special for my upcoming celebration. Or maybe just a family day by having our very 1st ride on the Singapore Flyer on my special day! Yah.. that sounds good too!

This year, the theme of my upcoming celebration will be Hello Kitty theme & I do like the cute pretty kitty mascot! Think this year my birthday cake will be likely from Polar.

P/S: I've indeed outgrown my Crocs maryjane shoes.. luckily I got a new pair of SKR shoes in sz 8, a gift fm my godparents slightly after their departure. But the new shoes fit me so well.. think I need another pair soon. Hope this pair can last me another 2 months we hope.

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

wow! Mommy got so many nice cutey Hello Kitty stuffs huh! *looking fw to seeing the 'final' products made from them!