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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Down with Fever Virus!

Day 1, 14th Oct..
Mummy woke up with a heavy head, body aching all over & sore throat. She turned over and look at her hp & time is already 9.10am. Usually I''m the 1st one to wake her up for my milk. I was lying face down beside her. She nudged me and realised my chest and head was burning hot. She immediately woke me up but I still couldn't pull myself up. She telephoned Mama to come over to help out. We went to see our Doc Lee shortly.. actually both Mummy & I were down with fever, temp 38.7 & 38.8 degree. My Mama & Gong-Gong came over again in evening 7pm, to fetch me to their place to stay overnight so Mummy can rest. But around 4am in the morning the next day, they brought me to comfort of my home as I been crying whole night, refusing to stay at their place. They went home then to rest...

Day 2, 15th Oct..
around 6 plus in morning, Mummy measured my temp and realised it shook up to 39.8. She immediately feed me my medic and almost broke down, on the verge to rush me to KK. She cant get hold of Daddy and so she called Godma Flo for advice. My dear Godma Flo even rushed down shortly to check on us. By 10am plus, my fever is back to 38 degree while Mummy's turn to feel feverish. Godma even came back in evening with dinner for us, accompanied us to the clinic again as we were both declared running high fever, 39.7 & 39.8 degree. Poor me.. I din even drank any of my milk and food during the 1st 2 days. I sipped a bit of juice and water only as my throat pained too.

Day 3, 16th Oct..
Our fever finally gone down..
I started to ask for milk and start to drink & eat a bit...
Mummy started to cough and throat very pain. Most of the time, she is still the main caregiver to me, preparing my meals while she no appetite to eat, just munch some bread and water. Mama came by later morn for 2.5 hrs and then evening together with Gong Gong, visited us for another 1 hr.

Day 4, 17th Oct...
I started to drink as much though each feed is like 150ml & definitely felt much better. However, I been making Mummy upset by being naughty. She is on the verge of losing her voice when I dun listen to her reasonings. In the end, my buttock got slapped by her few times today. Today, nobody visits us.. and we are home alone like 2 poor lil souls. Today is Gong-Gong birthday! But we cant join in the celebration. Mummy took me to Mos Burger for her dinner, a sweet corn soup and buns. I behaved badly then & on the way, I keep crying to carry. Mummy already no strength and yet I keep on whinning. She asked me not to suck my thumb since my hands touched the floor earlier on but I refused. I really whinned loudly during the road crossing and till our home. Shame ! Shame!

Day 5, 18th Oct...
Initially, Mummy thought of bringing me out somwhere to meet Godma Flo to breathe some fresh air. But I keep sneezing in the morn & this got her worried that I may got the flu bug from her. Mummy also started feeling weak & giddy, been coughing badly too. Mama & Gong Gong went kai kai and there is no one can help to bbsit me. Luckily, kind Godma came over with lunch for Mummy & help to entertain me the rest of the afternoon till evening when she tucked me to bed...

We wish.. we wish we've a speedy recovery soon!
Many thanks to my dear Godma Flo's help.

P/S: Looks like tomor we are not going to my JG class in our current state. We are going to miss it since tomor is a photo taking session. Sigh! Guess the next graduation photo this time, will lack of my cheeky look.

My 'Rooster" hairstyle created by my afternoon nap

The new makeover ~ the sweet daintly girl

Godma gave me some of her clippies fm Ribbes's new arrival!

Must pose pose! Since I'm the resident model for Divasvibes!

~ Love from Hayley ~


Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

Don't stand on ceremony Irene :) That's what friends are for! It's really unfortunate that both U & hayley fell sick together. These few days must have taken a toil on you *pats* Stay positive & all other things will fall in line *.* Oh ya... Dear Hayley, thank you for your many warm hugs & kisses today! *Speedy recovery to u both*

Daddy at Rockhampton said...

So sorry for not been able to be there for Mummy Irene and Darling Hayley. Do take care and stay positive. I'll be back soon. Thanks Florence for all the help.

My name is Ting Xuan said...

Dear Hayley and Mummy,
do take care and get well soon!

Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

Daddy Nic, 不用客气!

Kiki said...

Dearest Irene and Hayley,
Well wishes for a fast recovery.
Hayley is so pretty with now longer hair and nice hip clips on her.

Hello! My name is Hayley Tan. said...

Aunty Shef & TX,
thank you for your regards! I'm much better although my milk intake has dropped so much that worried my mummy. My mummy is recovering fm her illness too.

Dear Godma,
again.. we like to thank you for your time & company when we are sick for past few days.

Dear Daddy!
looks fwd to your return!

average Joan said...

*sayang* din know u r so sick....