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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Godma Flo saves the day again!

Just a short post to keep Daddy well informed.

.. I slept from last night 8pm all the way till this morn, 7am and nudged Mummy for milk milk. She made 150ml milk but I left till 50ml cant finish. We lazed in bed for another 30 mins, Mummy then turned and look at me that to tell me that today we no school.

I then started chanting "school, SCHOOL". I must enjoy so much going to school as my eyes sparkle with joy. Though Mummy is very tired & weak, looking at my joy she cant stand the heart to reject me. She checked me again, to ensure I not running any fever, no running nose as I cannot go to school unwell, infecting my other classmates. After many interval checks, she gives me the OK signal for school, next she called Godma Flo's help again to accompany me during my class. My Mummy is still feeling unwell, coughing & cant sit in the class & putting my classmates at risk.

Godma Flo met us at Bishan station, hopping onto the same train as us. Accordingly Godma, I did behaved good during class with her company. Mummy been waiting for us outside the classroom & anxiously as she worried I may cry for her or makes things diffcult for Godma. I & Godma even posed during our class photo session. We had lunch at Mcdonald Forum as out there raining heavily and Godma even sent us back home together.

Once again, we need to give a BIG HUGS to dear GODMA FLO for saving the DAY again!

P/S: I was now at Mama's place tonight again & I promise to be good and sleep there tonight. Hope I keep my promise to Mummy! My milk intake also have been reduced a lot too.. I cant even seem to finish 150ml or even 100ml of milk, always leaving some behind in bottle. Hope this is just a passing phrase again!

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~


Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

no problem at all! i had fun too :) Mommy Irene, i had PM u with the link to all the pix & videos... do check it out when u r better! *Hugz*

Hello! My name is Hayley Tan. said...

Godma Flo,
Glad u enjoy the fun! we've viewed the pics! :)