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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Make-Up Class @ JG

This morning, I've a make-up class which is a totally 2hr English PlayClub.

The class structure is slightly different from my usual class, Bilingual PlayClub. The usual 2 classrooms we have, is combined to a big classroom. We've 13 students today for the class. During our snack time, we were made to queue up for teachers to scoop the snacks onto my plate. Upon taking the plate, I went to find a seat for myself, to enjoy the food.

We learnt "Green" col today and below pic of the artwork that I've done in class. The theme of my sunday class is also 'Green' col. So I may need to do the same artwork again. At least, I can get to practise because oour teachers are going to keep our artwork & pass back to us when we complete the term.

After my class, I drank my 210ml milk which is considered my lunch and napped all the way home till 4.20pm. Below pic is showing my wakey look after my nap, drinking my milk while I enjoy my "Wheels on the BUS" dvd show.

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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Anonymous said...

little hayley is so talented!
the upcoming little artist. :)