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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little White 'Indian"

1 lil, 2 lil, 3 lil indian.... 10 the LITTLE WHITE 'INDIAN" Girl'
(Catch my new look! created by my cheeky Daddy who dabbed the powder onto my face)

Some updates on me since I'm approaching 2 years old in 2 month time.

1) Left Handed ???
If you notice closely, you will see that I prefer to use my use hand to eat, hold and write/draw. I been having this preference since young & everyone (relatives/teachers) keep asking my parents if I'm left handed. The strange fact is that both my dear parents are RIGHTIE. But Mummy's family members (mama, jiu jiu, gu-gong) and Daddy's side only got 2nd aunt, are left handed. Maybe I will inherit this gene from them too. Shall observe over another period of time if I will still persist in using my left hand.

2) Speech Improvement
I've widen my vocab ever since started on my JG classes.
But I'm more Ang Mo type as I speak more English than Mandarin. I can speak some Hokkien too in 'yes' & 'no'. Although, I can't speak in sentences or phrases yet. I can speak frequently like 2 - 3 words now.

English : I can even say, "Auntie", "Uncle", "Hold Please", "Take", "Pull" "Bit kuit" for biscuit, "Cer-reel" (cereal), "Juice", "Button", "Ban-ann" (banana), "Jackfruit", "Plum", "Daddy" (i/o Papa), Mummy (i/o Ma-ma), Thank you" (i/o thanks) etc.

Mandarin : Try catching me say '
' in Mandarin, I sounds like those 'ABCs' speaking the chinese. I can even say my name in Chinese too but my chinese vocab is limited, not as much as English.

: I can say 'Ouvert' which means 'Open" for English. The funny thing is that I keep saying it instead 'open' whenever I want someone to open something for me. Moreover, no one actually teach me this. Maybe later on, Mummy will teach me some basic French.

: Well if Daddy still remember his Japanese, I like him to teach me this too.

Till today, I still yet to master well the skills of self-feeding and not even on toilet training. Hope I can achieve that soon.

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~


Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

ha ha *o*
Daddy give little Hayley...
a pair of 'wings'!!!

so kawaii ^.*

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a cutsey "lao fu zhi" moustache u have, little hayley. (heehee)

Jerral's Haven said...

Ello Hayley Jie Jie..
u r so clever..must learn from u! hope I can speak like u next time ;)

lots of love from
Jerral didi