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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pretty Me @ Breakfast Time!

How times flies.. another SAT arrives! This morn, I super wakey early again, disrupting my sleepy parents' beauty sleep. I keep thinking that it is a weekday as I wake about 7am nowsaday, make mummy feeds me milk milk & breakfast cereal and see both of them to work.

This morn, mummy puts me onto the weighing machine and guess how much I weigh now????

Whoops!! I'm now at 9.7kg!!!! wow..... nearly meeting 10kg mark. No mattter how my mummy looks at me, she does not find me very chubby but agreed that I've grew taller. Actually, I'm nearly 4 times of my birth weight upon reaching my 1st year though I am on BM nearly my entire 1st year. Isn't it amazing at how much I've grown over last few month. ^_^

Sharing my happy pics taken today ^_^

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

~ Gleeing with joy after my beauty bath, awaiting anxiously for my heavenly breakfast to be served ~

~ Posing with my dearest mummy at Mos Burger again for their weekly morn breakfast ~

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