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Saturday, December 15, 2007

My fun session at MYGYM again

It is a pretty Sat again and I look forwards to mygym session in the afternoon. Usually after my nap, I will drink my milk and then we will left our place to take mrt to Woodland Point. While waiting for mrt train to arrive, I was given some treats (HT teddy puffs) to munch.. look at my happy pic below.

~ Munching happily while waiting for train to arrive ~

~ Flooded with many colored balls at MYGYM ~

Look at me now... don't you think that I've changed a lot.. no longer having the baby's look but adapting a toddler's look. I seem to have changed a lot over the past few weeks after my 1st year. Can't imagine I was once a very tiny baby at birth and now I've grown so much. Again thanks to my beloved mummy for planning my healthy diet all this while.

Sharing my happy videos taken during my lesson at mygym!

1) Happy Swinging Time..

2) Enjoying my separation time (away from my parents)

~ Love from big girl, Hayley ~

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