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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our 1st Visit to Universal Studio

Universal Studio is latest happening spot in Singapore...
and Mummy's company is offering their employees' chance to buy the entrance tickets at lower price under restricted condition. However, Mummy hoping to bring me to see and got us the tickets on 1st April evening.

One of the condition is that we can go into the park from 7pm to 11pm.

There are only 3 rides opened to the employees that day.

- the Mummy : roller coaster and which of course we do not have the heart to try

- 4D Shrek : full of adverture that we three wholesome have a go at it

- Mini roller coaster: looks thrilling and I am tempted to try but it is closed when we trying to queue for the ride

By the time we reached the park, it is already 8plus in the evening and missed the Waterworld performance show. We immediately went for our dinner since we are given $20 food voucher to spend. Think we left the place about 11.30pm. I was dead tired and dozed off and sleep during the car ride back.. and slept till the next morning. Hee...

Sharing some photos we took that evening ..

* Did not take many shot of the place as it was too dark..

~ Love from Hayley ~

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