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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Godma San, Jerral & Jarien.. Bon Voyage!

26 Sept...
Mummy woke me very early this morn..
As Daddy drove us to Airport to send my dear Godma & my godbrothers who are going back to Australia. We are going to miss them very much.. as we are not sure when they will back again soon.

I have a fun time playing with Jerral at the airport before time for them to board the plane

Our happy group photo
Godma Flo, Godma San, Jerral & lil Jarien and our family

Godma Flo cuddles lil Jarien who is starting to fuss for his nap

Daddy's turn to cuddle the lil one but he is still crying..

Surprising when Godma San carries him, Lil Jarien stop crying.. hee!
Bon Voyage!! Looks forwards to see you all again very soon.

~ Love from Happy Tan Family ~

1 comment:

Chyun Tok Finne said...

always sad when someone is leaving the country.. San is so strong.. bringing two home alone..!!! :)