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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Celebrating Mummy Birthday

18th Sept...
My dearest Mummy's Birthday!

(I woke my Mummy's by singing her Birthday song .. truly warmed her heart in the morn)

Both my parents are on leave, bringing me out to have lunch celebration with Mama together. Mummy has a craving for spicy Thai food, so we went to Yishun, Thai Express for yummy lunch.

Happy Mummy posing with Happpy Me!

Another happy pose with Mama!

Helping myself to my lunch...
Daddy order white rice, chicken broth and prawn toast esp for me.

After our yummy lunch, we went to library a while..
Then we went to choose a small cake for Mummy. I keep insisting to choose a Mickey Mouse 'cake' but in the end, Mummy choose strawberry cheesecake from Bengawansolo.

Actually, my parents supposed to bring me to another venue, to meet my godma(s). However, noti me getting tired and keep wanting to go back with Mama, to rest at our home. So my parents set off to City Hall while I and Mama headed home.

Happy Parents posing in this fruity cafe, which sells yummy fruit tart and nice tea. Enjoying tea time with Godma Flo while waiting for Godma Susan to arrive.

Their pretty tarts!

After light shopping at Robsinsons, they headed to Marine Square, to Kenny Roger for a hearty dinner. After Godma ET finally arrived.. they shifted to Gloria Cafe for cake cutting mini celebration for Mummy.

Voila, My happy parents!

My 3 pretty Godma(s)!

Happy Mummy posing with her birthday cake!

Our happy group pic!

Happy Mummy celebrating her special day with her close friends!

Again, Mummy like to thank her friends for making time to celebrate on her special day!

By the time, my parents reached home.. the time is already 10pm. I am still up waiting for their return. As they still have some leftover cake, we decided to have another round of mini celebration for Mummy. This time, with me singing birthday song to her! Watch out below video!

A Happy Day for my Mummy!

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Irene!

Bruce, Cindy, Charlyne and our Little Prince said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Chyun Tok Finne said...

Happy Bday... you looked great!