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Friday, February 27, 2009

My Yummy Pasta Dinner

Pasta Dinner !!!
this has been my dinner for the past few days!
Mummy has been experimenting different type of stir fry pasta for my meals, to test out my response. The fun part is that I can get to choose the pasta shapes I like to have, for my dinner. Hmmm.... sometimes the pasta dish is either like western or japanese taste depend on which type of ingredients that Mummy has whipped up!

Another good thing is that I finished my pasta dinner faster than rice, hot porridge / mee sua.
Way to go!!! Ho Ho Ho!

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

1 comment:

Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

hee... Hayley definitely sweat a lot =p so nice to be able to choose the pasta shapes for dinner... blessed Hayley! must appreciate Mommy's efforts ya!