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Monday, January 5, 2009

My 1st day starting my daily Playgroup

My very 1st day starting my daily playgroup!!
Mummy more nervous and excitied than me..
I'm of course very happy looking forwards to start my day!

Last night, I was fast asleep by 8.30pm..
This morn, Mummy woke up at 7am to prepare our breakfast (including Daddy's) and my porridge for lunch later.

She woke me up at 7.40am, I was smiling happily when she told me to wake up for school. I drank my milk, followed by brushing teeth & washing my face, then changed into my new uniform. I shared some light breakfast with Mummy coz I no appetite to eat my bread bits.

So Mummy packed those bread bits into my snack box & bring along a big banana for me to munch after my school. Sharing my happy pics below. ^_^

I'm all geared up & in our lift, ready to start my journey to school
We left our home at 8.30 and walked over to our school.

To study my pretty school tee..

Reached my school after 15 mins walk!
Hee we are early and gate is still closed!

Taking a quick pose ..
and more lil ones wearing the same uniform appears with their parents

Getting bored as waiting for school to start!

Gate finally opened at 9.00AM!
We lined up, waiting for teacher to check my hands and mouth.
Hee.. but all parents not allowed to go in with us :(
I did ask for mummy to go in with me and the assistant teacher just carried me away, into the classroom. Guess I did cried a bit, crying for mummy!

Anyway, the teacher assured all the parents that if any of the kids keep on crying, she will call them to come back. Then Mummy and Mama went for their breakfast, coming back to fetch me at 11am.

After the class, we are lined up too.
One by one, we come out looking for our familiar faces!
I'm so pleased to see Mummy & Mama waiting for me.

.. of course I got very hungry too.
After cleaning my hands, Mummy opened my snack box and I finished all the bread bits.
I even finish the banana as we walked home. Luckily, Mummy already prepared my lunch.

Upon home and a short rest, I ate my porridge, then went for a shower..
After chatting and playing, I napped at 12.45 after 120ml of milk.

Mummy is so proud of me indeed.
A twinge of emotion pulling her heart, seeing me indeed so grown up!
She will remember this special day, the 1st day I start my playgroup independently!

~Love from Brave Hayley ~


Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

warm hugs to you both !_!

Chyun Tok Finne said...

wowww mamma really more nervous then you are Hayley... went so early.. hehe... you look so cute in uniform.. :) like a small adult carrying your own bag.