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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello Kitty Lucky Draw Again!

Ho Ho Ho..
another round of LD again..
this time the prizes very attractive & mummy hoping to win the water dispenser & big plates. She brought me to Kitty Palaca @ Novena Squre this time, to try my luck for her. Hoping I can draw the big prizes for her since my birthday coming soon.

My 1st draw ~1 fleece blanket (consider one of big prize) + 1 set of 3 stackable plastic cups

2nd draw
~2 set of plastic cups again (initally Mummy wants to draw 1 herself but I drawed out 2 tickets)

3rd draw
~ Mummy draw it herself and this time is the small diecut Kitty plate. Hee at least she got a plate despite the sz and it is very cute.

The LD loots

Look at me below! Wrapped up warmly in this new fleece blanket perfect for my napping. Looks like this is the best prize we got. I do enjoy drawing the tickets while Mummy got to win the prizes.

~Love from Cheeky Hayley ~

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