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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Holidays Trip to Genting

Mummy & I just returned from our 4 Days 3 night holidays at Genting, Malaysia, yesterday late night.

This is our very 1st time visiting Genting and mummy has never been there before
. We departed on Wed early morning and ready with our barangs at 6am, waiting for Gu-Gong & Kim-Po to pick us up as we were going there by their car.

We reached Genting, First World Hotel around 2pm.
Upon arrival, I was ready to run about to expel my energy from long car ride. Actually, I've behaved well during the long car ride, seated comfortable on the rented car seat, listening to my fav songs & munching my snacks and drinks during the journey. Below are some pics on our 1st day arrival.

My outfit of Day 1 - carrying my puppy harness that mummy has bought it for me esp to be used for this trip. But I only used it for 1st day only .. hee so it has not been fully used.

Our day 1 shopping trip with Gu-Gong & Kim-Po exploring around the mall.

My very 1st ride on the floating boaty thingy in their indoor theme park.

Posing with Mummy near the kiddy merry go round carousal.

... we ended the night by having buffet dinner with Gu-Gong's friends & family.
I also ate a lot despite my dinner before that..
in the end, I was too full to drink any of my 210ml milk feed at 9.45pm & was fast asleep within 10 mins. I was asleep by 10.10pm on the 1st night.

However, I woke up crying around 4am, asking to go out by pointing towards main door. Disturbing everyone 's sleep & in the end, I fell asleep around 5am plus. What a night for us to start off..

Day 2 ...
I woke around 9am..
I had an wonderful day filled with lots of activities .. lets' see below.

My 2nd day outfit - dressed in a long sleeve green flora dress with leggings.

Posing at our hotel lobby ..
After our brunch, we went to take cable car ride

View from inside of our cable car - the sky is quite hazy at the top

The pretty & clear sight upon reaching the lower part of the Genting..

Posing with my mummy during our cable car ride.

Sleepy me during the half way of the ride, lying on my mummy's lap

Laughing happily upon our arrival at the lower part of Genting, for us to shop on local delights

OK another cheeky and happy pose! before we set off on our shopping trip! [Notice my missing front tooth?]

I was napping after our way back to the upper Genting ..
The folks enjoyed their lunch with me napping away.

Then, Mummy bought a day pass ticket @ RM$26, to accompany me for the kiddy rides. Kids under 90 cm can ride for free except exceptional of some kiddy rides. They have this measurement chart, I was nearly 90cm mark. Think I'm now about 88 or 89 cm tall. Oh dear! Does that means I need to pay for my ride on sgp public transport very soon though I've not even reached my big '2'.

I keep pestering & crying to ride below kiddy car ride which looks so fun & exciting!
But mummy cannot accompany me during this ride.. & we got to pay RM$8 for the ride too.

Look at me!! Finally got the chance to try this car ride! My very 1st car ride and indeed on my own. Very brave hor!!! Watch out my adventure in below video!

My very 1st merry go round carousal ride! But I dun quite like it as I keep holding tightly to my mummy's.

My very 1st Ferris wheel ride....

Our slow boat ride..

My very 1st kiddy ride - mini train ride

Time for my dinner break..
After munching my cereal and food jar, I kept attracting to this pretty window display.. guess what? Attracted to the pretty clothings inside??

Actually, I'm attracted to the picnic set and food! I keep wanting to find the door to go inside, to eat the food. OMG.. mummy got to drag me away with me screaming away.. they got to buy some cakes for me to munch to stop my craving despite my hearty dinner.

I was asleep by 9pm that night & awake only at 8am the next morn. Phew!!!

Day 3...
I was again dressed in my taiwan strawberry outfit..
Below pics of me posing on the cars but without inserting coins.. hee

My Fun Poses at those 'pretend' rides ..

My grinning look of pleasure with the rides

Look at me driving the car game in the arcade..
Dun play play hor! I know how to drive ..
* But I was only asleep at 11pm after much fussing that night & woke everyone up again at 4.35am fm a nightmare. Guess I had too much fun during the day!

Day 4..
I woke up at 9am and realised everyone was already up & rise and busy packing their barangs.
We checked out from the hotel around 10.40am.. and had our brunch before we start our long car journey back to sgp at 1pm. Sorry! no pics on the last day as mummy busy attending to me.

We even stopped over at JB at Jusco shopping mall for dinner.
It is an nice & pretty big mall to shop.. hope we can get to visit it the next time again.
By the time we reached our home, it is already nearly 11pm.

A Big Special thanks to Gu-Gong & Kim-Po for inviting us to join them on this fun trip. Would like to apologise for my noti acts and whinning during the journey & stay... Big thanks for their patience and understanding and help on baby-sitting!!!! Otherwise, not possible for Mummy to catch up with my noti stunts.

Another round of thanks to Mummy as well even though I been driving her mad & mental stress when I pulled out my noti stunts like refusing to drink milk, sit still and eat properly etc (due to extreme distractions of the kiddy rides we faced everywhere).

She is amazed that we can make it on this trip without Daddy's accompany/help as he is doing his reservist, unables to join us this time round. It is indeed a pity. Daddy will sure like to join us for a fun trip like this.. if there is a next time......!! Haa! [mummy really needs a good rest after this]

P/S: I caught a chill and next day (sun morn), I woke up having running nose. My parents brought me to visit Dr Lee & was given an mc to rest instead going to attend my JG class.

~ Love from Happy Hayley & Mummy ~


Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

Dear Mummy Irene & Hayley :)

well done! *pats* i was going to ask mummy if hayley did behave well during her 1st outing to Genting and seems that mummy is quite pleased with her performance... well, cant do without the little fussing here & there as u r still a toddie... But overall, Hayley did behave well and u are a brave lil' girl, having to sit in the car ride alone!

I'm sure it will be memorable when u look back these shots years later... *muacks* glad u both had fun (:

ps: hoped u had recovered from your runny nose! *hug hug*

My name is Ting Xuan said...

Dear Hayley,
you must be enjoying yr trip to genting esp the fun car ride. so brave for u to sit in the car alone and bravo mummy for bringing you alone overseas.

glad yr mummy and you had lots of funtime.