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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rock Princess @ Mos Burger

Hi, it is me again.. the rock princess accompanying my dearest parents for their weekly breakfast at Mos Burger.

Why I'm known as rock princess of the day? Coz I'm wearing another new sleepwear which has "Rock Princess" wording and I really 'rock' when I hear music. I simply love music and dance to it as well.. I even learn to switch on our player as well as the one at mama's place.

Sharing below pics with you all. ^_^

~ Presenting the happy Rock Princess at Mos Burger ~

~ Yes, I know how to play shakers, drum & other instructment toys I had at home ~

~ Ok.. time to try and grab some fries from my parents ~

~ Mission failed... twisting my 'piggy' ear and thinking of another strategy ~

After their breakfast, we rushed home as mummy needs to prepare my lunch earlier. The reason is we are going to attend my friend, Vernice's 1st birthday party at 12.30pm.

~ Love from Rocky Hayley~

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