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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey, the Japanese Girl @ our home

Today is a public holidays again.. hip hip horray!!!
Again, my poor parents are awaken by me as I want to drink milk around 7.30am. After my breakfast and bath, I was changed into this pretty japanese outfit. This pretty outfit is given by godpapa Gunny few months ago during his work trip at Tokyo. Now I'm big enough and this outfit fits me just nice.

Konichiwa!! watashi wa Hayley desu. ^_^

How can we forget to take pics? my daddy whip out his camera n took my pretty poses wearing the pretty outfit & we also blend in well with our house deco! Sharing below pics for your pleasure viewing..

~ Love from Cheeky Hayley ~

~ the japanese girl stomping her foot in the air ~

~ sitting in a jap style ~

~ clapping and singing happily ~

~ Posing very cheeky with dearest daddy ~

~ hey.. that is jap folk - village style of sitting position

~ Pretty me, glazing loving at my mummy ~

~ A big Cherry smile from me to you ~

P/S: Thank you godpapa Gunny for the pretty outfit!

1 comment:

Gunny said...

Heh. think your godpa a little over ambitious and bought the dress a bit too big for you, glad you are able to wear it now though. When your di di can wear his, we can all go out and take photos together k? Btw, must say I got taste hor?