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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party for Daddy dearest

... while I was enjoying my nap
... cheeky mummy getting ready for BIG surprise
... however the food arrives earlier than expected.. and daddy sense something
... she made Daddy went downstairs to buy something
... haaa the 1st guest to arrive on time is handsome Kor Kor Sebastian
... the rest of the guests followed after

Guess what is the SURPRISE yet??
Yes, it is a surprise birthday mini party gathering for my Daddy dearest. Hope it really taken my daddy's by surprise as mummy been wanting to organise something special for him to celebrate his BIG 30. Special thanks for Aunty Regina for helping mummy to cordinate the guests & cake, MUACKS MUACKS.

A thank you note from Daddy: "I would like to say a big thank you from my bottom of my heart to my lovely wife and my friends (Sebastian, Junhong & Regina, Hwee Cheng & Yian, Susie & baby Benedict) for giving me a surprise party for my 30th years old birthday. Despite the hectic schedule of individual, I am really appreciated of them taking their valuable time to be here. Thank you my friends for the delicious ultimate durian cake. Glad to know that all my friends are well and Hwee Cheng & Yian are expecting a new family member next year (EDD: 15th April 2008). I feel so touch & honored to have my close friends and my lovely family celebrating my Big 30. A Million Thanks."

Below are some photos taken today which we like to share.

~ Love From Happy Hayley & Daddy Nic ~

~ Daddy's yummy Birthday cake made of D24 Durian cake, from Emmi cake shop given by his friends ~

~ Aiyo.. why the weather soo Hot.. made me so Grouchy lol ~

~ Yo-yo.. handsome baby Benedict (we loved his big eyes with double eyelids) ~

~ Happy Family pose & my 1st time celebrating daddy's birthday ~
(It is a GREENY day for us! matching green col theme !!)

~ Sing-along-song for Daddy.. "Happy Birthday to you.. Happy birthday to Daddy.. ~

~ Oops daddy, I acted as though this is my Birthday as I keep giggling with joy.. ~

~ Our Happy Group Photo ~

1 comment:

Jerral's Haven said...

Hello Godpa Nic,

Happy B'day!
Glad u like the Surprise Party! Godma has ben planning this for some time lor!!

Once again..happy 30th b'day!

Lots of Luv,
Litle Jerral