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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My 1st Birthday Party - Cake Cutting Time

My Special moment arrives!!
It is sing along and cake cutting session, the special hightlight of the party which we all been waiting for. Though my mummy set it at 2.30pm for the cake cutting and we are abt 5-10 min behind the scheduled time, we managed to have all the guests arrived in time to join in the FUN with us. Big thanks to the co-operation of all our guests, for making it happen without any hipcups.

Sharing below pics/ videos with you all. ^_^

~ Love from Birthday girl, Hayley ~

~ Seated on my high throne, getting ready for the BIG moment ~

~ Clapping happily while waiting for everyone to gather around me ~

~ Waiting anxiously for the big moment to begin~

~ Posing happily with daddy & mummy~

~ Dearest daddy start off the big moment by lighting up the candle on my cake ~

~ a bird view of all my guests cheering and singing together with us ~

~ Getting hot and sweaty ~

~ standing up to blow my candle ~

~ Blowing the candle together with my daddy & mummy ~

~ cutting my birthday cake ~

~ still concentrating cutting my pretty POOH bear cake, to give to our guests ~

~ Posing happily with all my friends (Cheryl, Vernice, Samantha, Christopher, Tricia, Yixuan) ~


Anonymous said...

hello pretty hayley,

you are officially one yr old t'day!! Sorry that Godma not able to attend ur very first birthday!! BUT dun worry..there are many more to come! times really flies ar..still remember the v first time we met, you are only 7 hours old n sleeping so soundly in ur mommy's arms! how sweet n lovely you have grown to...

hApPy bIRthdAy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Luv.
GodMa San
Nov 26th 08

My name is Ting Xuan said...

Happy birthday to Hayley! what a great party and lovely pooh cake you have. cheers!