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Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Happy Halloween ... as BUMBLE BEE

Another halloween costume for me to dress up.. this time as BUMBLE BEE. Beside me, is mei mei Gracia (who is 2 month younger than me) dressed up as ANGELIC ANGEL.

Sharing our happy posing below for yur enjoyment!
~ Love fm Bumble Bee, Hayley ~

~ Happy Bumble Bee with Cheeky Angel ~

~ Oops.. bumble BEE trying to buzz while Angel is still at her cheeky act ~

Happy Bumble Bee clapping while Angel looks on, wondering ..


flo said...
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Jerral's Haven said...

Dear Hayley..

wow pretty cutie little bumble bee!
sorry godma and little jerral miss your party t'day..glad you enjoy your very first halloween party!

take care and godma will miss you very much...c you in 2 months time..sob good to mommy and daddy as well ok?! good gal!
Godma will visit your blog everyday!!

lots of love..
godma san..

flo said...

hayley dear, u must have been enjoying wholeheartedly, juding from the grin-smiley u have on your face :) *muacks*