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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Happy CNY Poses

Finally, time to share and post our Pretty CNY pics taken on 14 Feb (the 1st day of CNY).

This year, Daddy and Mummy needed more time to dress up the 2 lil princess aka Hebe and me. This is Hebe's 1st CNY too. Since we are girls.. of course need more time to doll up ourselves! Mummy already got our matching pink cny costumes through online while she having confinement. Now finally we wear it out!

As a yearly ritual before we headed out to do our cny visiting, Daddy will take the effort to take a nice shot of our family photo.

Now lets' the camera do the ROLLING!!!! 3, 2, 1!!

Pretty Me getting ready to pose in my pretty pinky cheongsam!

Next, turn for pretty Mummy and handsome Daddy to join in the posing!

Of course my loving poses with my lil Hebe

Finally our family pose.. & my cheeky look!

Voila our perfect family photo!!

After the posing & clearing up, we headed out to Mama & Gong Gong place first, followed by Ah Ma and Ah Gong then to Mummy's 1st uncle's place. A Happy and busy day...

Here wishing readers of my blog, belated Happy Chinese New Year & hope you all have a fruitful windfall!!!

Love from Tan Family

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