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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Holiday Trip - Hong Kong Day 5

Here we come to the end of our holidays trip..
Our last day in Hong Kong.. as the next day we were taking morning flight back to Singapore. On our last day/night, we had a relaxing shopping with Aunty Yanyan's guidance.

She brought us to Prince Edward's district to visit some malls and took us to buy their local delights. Even treated us and our friends to a steam boat dinner in that evening. Not only that, she accompany our daddy back to ladies street to exchange his luggage sz. All in all.. she has been a great host during our trip. Not to mention the gifts she has got for us as well.

A big Thank you!, Aunty Yanyan!
Looks forwards to see u again !

& guess where was I while they are posing for above photos?
Hee.. I was sleeping in the hotel room as too tired. So they are having photo taken outside the room. ^_^ Love from Happy Hayley

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