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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Holiday Trip - Hong Kong Day 1

OK.... Finally Mummy managed to start posting pics taken during our last holidays trip in Hong Kong last month (20 Jan - 25 jan 2010). Overall, this trip is very exhausting to both my poor parents coz sometimes, I will threw tantrum during this trip esp when I missed my pm nap. All my sleeping & eating pattern all gone haywire as well.

Let the pics start rolling then!
We travel by Jetstar Asia as we bought the promo tickets about 3 months back. The flight was real early and I managed to wake up in time. We travelled together with Uncle Kenneth, Aunty Jerynn and her sister.

Looking real Happy and pleased during the plane flight.. though this is a budget airplane with no TV to watch, I spent most of the time sleeping thru the whole journey.

Our happy family pose!

Reached the Airport and waiting for the a bus

Our 1st stop in the evening at Tsim Sha Shui..

Where we stopped by to purchase Disneyland tickets for next day outing

Posing with Mummy along the celebrity walk..
We ended the night by having japanese meal in SOGO basement foodcourt and then headed home as I was totally exhausted and better let me had a good rest in hotel.

.... to be continued with next day outing!

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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