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Friday, November 20, 2009

Japanese Honey Sponge Cake

Although Mummy has been busy looking after the lil H in the daytime..
She is super busy taking care of our needs in the evening when I back from school, on top of that trying to cope cooking our simple meals for dinner.

She been craving to do her favourite baking .. forsaking her pm nap to try out some new receipes. Been searching for easy to bake receipes for light sponge cakes

This is her 2nd attempt.. it is a 50% success coz the cake rises very high and well. However, the bottom of the cake has uncooked lumps of flour. The upper part of the cake tastes nice.. light and nice aroma of honey. Hope the 3rd attempt she try again the next time, will be a PERFECT!

Pic of the cake baked just now..
Oops the pic is not nicely taken & using Mummy's mobile phone. The cake is not burnt, in fact has a nice even brown col on the top of the cake.

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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