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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome aboard, Princess Hebe!!

13 Oct 2009..

3 cheers to arrival of Princess Hebe, my Baby Sister sibling!

I was staying at Mama's place from Monday evening onwards as my parents need to reach hospital (Thomson Medical Centre) the next morn by 7am. I will be there till Friday till my beloved Mummy discharged on that day.

This time, our parents opted for cesarean since Mummy's gynae also advised this will be an better and safer option. Initally, the operation should start at 9.30am but it was delayed as there is a star table tennis who is delivering via c-section just before Mummy's, causing some commotion.

When baby finally makes her 1st appearance, the mystery finally resolved and it is a GIRL. Just as I expected .. coz during last few days while shopping with Mummy, I keep choosing baby girl clothings to show Mummy, to buy for mei mei. Aren't I clever?

We are expecting she will be 2.6kg per Mummy's last check up at gynae's. However, Baby Hebe's weight is slightly lighter than mine at birth. Looks like Mummy's max capacity is meant to have petite baby afterall.

Alright, below is details for all you stats-geeks..
Baby Hebe weighed a petite 2.475 kg at birth, with a head circumference of 32cm and length of 46 cm. Slightly smaller than her Hayley jie jie at 2.49kg, 33cm and 47cm respectively.

At first sight during her 1st day of arrival, Mama & Gong Gong brought me to visit her and Mummy, I already fell in love with her. Can't wait to cuddle and hug her when she is back home this friday.

Will post pretty pics of Baby Hebe after my Mummy is discharged from hospital.

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~


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congrats!!!! :) :) :) cant wait to see her pics...

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Congratulations for your princess arrival!