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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another ZOO outing on 23 Jul

My parents already applied for leave on 23 July..
long before I fell sick and recovering from fever.

Coz Mummy managed to get free tickets admission (4 adults) to Zoo from her company. Since my rashes have nearly disappeared on Wed night, my parents decided to go ahead with their plan and took me for a short outing since I've been cropped at home for past few days.

So we've invited my AH MA, my xiao gu and cousin Zach who are both back from China, for short stay, to go along with us on that morn.

We departed from our place at 8.30am, took a cab to reach Zoo. We did not really go to many animal visiting all over the zoo as our stay is indeed short. We left the place around 1.30pm as hot sun is out and blazing. Since I've just recovered from fever and rashes, it is best not for me to be out under the sun for too long.

Here sharing our happy photos with you all again!

My xiao gu rent this 'luge' for me and my cousin Zach to enjoy some bumpy ride together

Here we are.. starting our bumy ride in the zoo

Look at the big Polar Bear catching the small fish...

Here is my fave animal, giraffe!!

Z is for ZEBRASSSS...

Posing together with my relatives

Posing with Cousin Zach outside the restaurant while adults enjoying their lunch
I'm doing my infamous "V" sign again...

Look at my light bruise on my right cheek which I got it from knocking against our washing machine door some days back.

Another of my happy and lazy pose

Voila!! Our Happy Family Pose before we ended this outing!

~ Love from Happy Tan Family ~

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Chyun Tok Finne said...

glad you recovered finally.. sure you hv a nice trip at the zoo.. :) say hi to all the animals for us.. :b