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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet up with my Buddy again!

It has been a long long while ...
since my last meetup with my buddy, Vernice.
Last Saturday morning, we are invited over to her place for a playdate.

We had such an wonderful time & stayed till late afternoon. My parents are totally awed by Clever Vernice. She has shown leaps of improvement in her speech. She can express herself so well, can even recognise any letters (ABCs) and numbers, even pics shown on catalog. When we point to another pic or letter, she can say it out loud. Unlike me, my parents feel they have been too relax on my learning lately. They decided to reinforce my learning every night they are home from work.

Here sharing our happy pics below.
(courtesy from Aunty Elaine)

Self feeding on my yummy pasta lunch specially prepared by Uncle Tim

Having lunch together with my buddy!

Row Row the boat... haa is the box too 'small' for me?

There our happy pose again!

We also headed to swimming pool downstairs later, to have water play..
after our shower, we settled for our nap quickly and by then the time is already 3.30pm.

Looks forwards to see Vernice and her family soon!

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~


average Joan said...

was tat the vernice from the forum last time??? have not seen her pics for a long time... remember last time her mommy was concerned about her lack of hair :P :P

Anonymous said...

hahaa..yes, that's lil vernice
Halo buddy hayley, we had such a fun dates, ask our mommy to arrange another playdates soon :)

average Joan said...

hi vernice's mommy! *wave*

My name is Ting Xuan said...

Hi Vernice's mommy,
think we only meet once during the play grp at WCC loh when our gars are not even 1 yr old yet. anyway, my gar and yr gar born the same date right....(correct me if I'm wrong?)