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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 8 years Dating Anniversary

My parents have been together for 8 years since dating.. Today, 20 June marks their 8 year dating anniversary!

.. their love story began in May 2001, officially dating on 20 June 2001.
.. Daddy proposed to Mummy on her 24th Birthday on 18 Sept 2002
.. they ROM on 12 Nov 2002
.. soon after, they left for France
.. returned back to Singapore end Nov 2004
.. bought their love nest in Jan 2005
.. got their key to their love nest in April 2005
.. chinese wedding on 18 / 19 Sept 2005
(on Mummy's 27th Birthday & Mooncake Festival)
.. my arrival on 26 Nov 2006
& now we are expecting Baby H's arrival end Oct 2009

So this time, Daddy got Mummy a special gift, to mark their 8 years anniversary. He has got Mummy one of the shiny' stars' from the 'sky'.

it is like my fav song...
Twinkle Twinkle lil stars,
How I wonder what you are
Like a Diamond in the sky....

Maybe you've guess it right! Hee...

it is a diamond ring, to replace Mummy's current proposal ring.
She is of course touched by Daddy's sweet gesture..
it means so much of his love for her..
partly also because of me & Baby H & (though till now we still clueless of it gender)
to thank Mummy for the lovely lil ones to spice up their life.

Presenting the 1.08 carat, D color diamond ring

~ Love from Happy Tan Family ~


average Joan said...

sooo touching!!!!!!!! And the photoshots are so beautiful... :)

Sheryl said...

so sweet... =)

Bruce, Cindy, Charlyne and our Little Prince said...

Wow.. nice ring, so envious!

Btw, our dating anniversary oso in Jun, such a coincidence!

Chyun Tok Finne said...

Congrat... nice ring indeed...

My name is Ting Xuan said...

Wow, so sweet of yr daddy wor....