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Sunday, February 8, 2009

CNY Gathering @ our Place, 8 Feb '09

Today afternoon, we've invited all my Godma(s), Andy Gor Gor & Lil Jerral over our place for CNY gathering.

I was so happy to see lil Jerral ..
did not let him out of my sight...
we've had a fun time playing together
I was showing so much affection to him..

E.g (1): at a time, I keep holding onto his water bottle & asking him
to drink it
E.g (2): if I drinking milk, I would keep asking mummy to make one
for him to drink
E.g (3): even I want to nap, I will also ask Jerral to nap together
beside me
E.g (4): even he was going back with Godma, I cried and want to
go home with him too.

Guess I really growing attached to him just like a strong bond as I now understand what is a god brother means to me & I treasure a lot on our 'sibling-hood'. I will miss him badly when he and godma return back to aussie.

The rest of the adults are also having so much fun, mingling with others while enjoying the food and playing the WII together. Hope we will have more of such gathering in near future.

Sharing some of our happy pics! ^_^

P/S: Many thanks to everyone for your coming and food contribution. Muacks!!

~ Love from Happy Tan Family ~

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