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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My 1st Haircut Experience @ Salon

Dear all,
I'm still recovering from my stomach flu..
Have not been drinking a drop of my fav milk since last Fri to Sunday.
Ever since I''m been kena attacked by this virus, I been acting very moody and upset over lil things easily with no reason. I know all this is driving my parents crazy and they are also trying their best to cope with my mood swings during this diffcult period. Mummy also running out of ideas to cook yummy food due to my loss of appetite. No matter how nice the meal looks or taste, I can only ate half of the portion. Moreover, such a big reduce in my milk intake, greatly upset my doting mummy. I must have lost few grams of weight then...

Luckily, yesterday I start to ask for cold fresh milk and only will drink it from cup. I been drinking some today too. Think this is a good start.. at least better than none. I can hold my cup pretty well and drink without much 'accident'.

Anyway back to the topic of this posting..
22nd Dec 2008
Mummy brought me to a hair salon at Sun Plaza for my 1st haircut experience..
It turns out a terrible one indeed.. OMG!

I settled happily on the chair, waiting for my stylist to trim my hair. The nightmare begins when he start draping over a long clothe all over me.. I start to cry non stop with tears dripping endlessly, Mummy keep soothing me and talking to me. But I cant seem to stop tearing and listen to her. Luckily, the person manage to finish my cut like 10mins. We cannot say the same for my poor Mummy trying to maintain her sanity while I'm like destroying her ear drum. Overall, she did survive being calm and firm with me and I really must salute her. Haa..

Verdict : the haircut cost $8 but dun think the stylist has done a good job on my hairdo. Maybe will try elsewhere the next time. Any good recommendation???

P/S: to reward me for 'çrying' so long, Mummy brought me a cup of honeydew soya milk shake and a soya cheese cake to share. ^_^

~Love from Hayley ~

1 comment:

Jerral's Haven said...

Mommy.. is this a hair salon for kiddo? next time bring her to the one at harbourfront.. for kids only with car rides and TV. Lil' Jerral is ok with it.. did not grumble n cry unlike his first hair shave.. cost $10 and while he is having his hair cut.. i gave him something to munch on to divert his attention.. its works for him ;)