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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9th & 10th lesson at JG | Last day of term

During the 9th Lesson at JG, I learnt about..
.::. Blue [ lán sè ] during my Mandarin class
.::. Colors [red, blue, yellow, red, green] during my English class
.::. Project - a blue snorker using paper and blue paint and blue film

During the 10th Lesson at JG on last Sunday, I learnt about..
.::. Octopus [ zhāng yú ]
.::. Letter 'O'
.::. Project - a paper octopus and hand painting artwork

That is our last lesson of the term and we are having an party. Parents are asked to bring some food for our potluck party. Mummy bought many mini potato starch biscuits that are individually packed for my classmates and friends. Today is quite an special as both parents are allowed to attend our lesson and even siblings are welcome to join in the fun.

But the class today is quite chaotic and noisy as 2 classes are combined (means total abt 20 students + their siblings and both parents). Too noisy and too many distractions for us to concentrate what the teachers teaching during that day. I did not enjoy the fun during outdoor play as many older kids are blocking the way and pushing us around. Guess the outdoor 's corridoor is too small and cramp to accomodate so many kids today.

* My parents just paid my fees today for my next term at JG. Anyway, I do enjoy this class tremendous.. Thank you, Daddy & Mummy!

Presenting some pics on last Sun during my class party.

Dressed up & ready for school

A lazy pose before we head out..

We are early!! Shopped n Posing with Elmo at Toy R Us before my class..

Pose with Daddy just outside my class

Having fun time with bubbles.. my fav

Dum ditty dum.. playing big drum

toying with Cars..

Look at our big class of the day!

Hands on doing my project

Wu Lao Si doing the drawing on my left arm

Look at the pretty artwork - Octopus done by teacher.
But Hey my expression seems in agony! Upset & I started to whine again.. no choice my parents got to rush me to washroom again to wash off the paint.. A pity!

My graduation cert - end of term 3, theme "Out at Sea"

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

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Flo. aka Xiangyun said...

congratulations :) keep up the great learning spirit!!! ~lotsa love & hugs~