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Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Birthday Pressie from Godma Flo ^_^

Yesterday, I received my advance birthday present from Godma Flo coz she will be flying off to UK for work trip, unables to attend my 1st bday party on next Sun (25th Nov).

Sharing below pics of her presents to me ^_^
P/S: Godma Flo, thank you for the lovely gifts and I simply adored these.
Have an nice trip and see you again upon your return.

~ A mystery red gift + a pair pretty pinky trainer shoes from Mothercare ~

~ A meaningful well written card by my Godma Flo ~

~ and I was concentrating learning to read her card ~

~ I was grinning happily just as music seemed to appear from somewhere ~

~ Mommy was helping me to unwrap my birthday gift, to reveal the mystery gift ~
(actually she is more excitied than me.. eager to find out the gift)

~ there is the mystery gift.. I adored it.. Thank you Godma Flo! ~

~ My full view of the mystery pressie ~

~ Love from Happy Hayley ~

1 comment:

flo said...

cant wait for u to 'call' me :) *muacks & hugz* see u when m back... tata and enjoy your 1st bthday bash with mummy & daddy and your guests!
Love always, godma flo...