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Saturday, November 3, 2007

My 1st experience @ MYGYM trial class

After my nap & milk milk, off we went to MyGYM trial class and it is located at Civic center (near to Woodlands MRT station). This is my mummy's 1st attempt organising a trial class for me & my baby friends (Ting Xuan, Vernice & Javier).

Initially, we thought we may have other babies joining our class .. end up just 4 of us & our parents only. It is indeed very small group and like a private trial group created esp just for us. We've so much fun playing all their gym equipments with the guidance of 2 teachers. There are sing-along songs like Itsy Bitsy spider,warm-up exercise, freeplay, puppet show, swingtime etc...

Sharing below pics with you all ^_^

~ My Happy look while waiting for train to arrive..wee wee to Woodland station~

~ An overview of our funtime @ MYGYM ~

~ Posing Happily with MYGYM mascot (monkey) ~

~ 1st time meeting my sweet bb friend, Ting Xuan whose name just opp fm mine (Xuan Ting) ~

~ Hi hi to my another bb friend, Vernice whom I met her b4 during my last Kindermusik trial class ~

~ SWING TIME : my 1st experience on the swing.. though a bit stunned lol ~

After abt 1 hr of playing...
I still can't bear to leave the place, keep crawling back to play with the toys. My dear daddy & mummy finally signed me up for the class (9 lessons + today's trial for $355 including one time membership fee) since the location is near to our home. BB Vernice is also joining the class too (same day/time) as me. We are so happy to have my bb friend to accompany me in next coming weekly lesson.

My 1st lesson will be starting from next sat onwards, 3.30pm.. Horray! Cant wait to go there again next week. Look like my parents will be super busy with my activites from next week onwards (mygym /swimming & preparation for my coming 1st bday).

Below is my PINK membership tee fm MYGYM. ^_^


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